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Dedicated to saffron since 1959

Bealar is a company of recognized prestige located in Motilla del Palancar. Since its foundation in 1959, it has been dedicated to the production and marketing of saffron.

During these years it has packaged the best Saffron in the region to make it reach your kitchen with the maximum guarantee of quality so that you can enjoy the aroma, color and flavor of the best Saffron in the world in all your stews.

Artisanal elaboration

In its modern facilities, the saffron is elaborated in an artisanal way following all the processes of peeling, roasting, cleaning of floral remains, quality analysis and packaging with an exhaustive control so that it reaches the point of sale in optimal conditions and maintains these conditions during a long time.

All this is reflected in the trust placed in us and maintained over many years by the most demanding chefs.

Keeping the tradition

Saffron belongs to the popular culture of our autonomous community. The secrets of its cultivation, harvesting and roasting are part of the heritage that Castilian La Mancha families have passed from generation to generation.

At dawn the flower is harvested while it is still closed, so that the stigma does not deteriorate; it is treated with great care and is made in baskets without squeezing them; it is peeled on the same day it is collected; and most important of all, the “magical” process of transforming the stigma into a spice, roasting, is carried out by people with great experience, at a high temperature.

Maximum care
to achieve the highest quality

At Bealar our maxim is quality. Controlling the traceability of our products allows us to trace all the steps they have followed: harvesting, the transformation and packaging process, and shipment to the point of sale.

Each container that reaches your hands has passed a series of exhaustive controls to guarantee the highest quality:

  • The process of collecting the flower.
  • The monda in a traditional way.
  • The saffron is dehydrated on the same day.
  • The cleaning of floral debris strand by strand.
  • The analyzes in our laboratory, contrasted with external laboratories.
  • Manual packaging.