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Madridfusion 2022

Madridfusion 2022

Madrid Fusion 2022 celebrates its 20th edition on March 28, 29 and 30, 2022, with the theme "Beyond the product".

Madrid Fusion is the most important international haute cuisine congress. It brings together in Madrid, every year, the most prominent professionals of the current gastronomic scene and is an excellent showcase to publicize everything related to gastronomy.

The most important peculiarity of this congress is that, avoiding an excessively theoretical treatment, gastronomy is approached from the kitchen and its artists, from creation, innovation and knowledge, having each year a motto on which the call revolves. This year it will be 'Beyond the product'. Over three days, they will review the ancestral, traditional and future cooking techniques, from fire roasting to microwave cooking or the use of ultrasound, the basis of great dishes of the future. A very special edition that will bring many surprises and in which the return to the craft of cooking, the transformation of the genre, the meticulous preparation will be reviewed.

More than 300 professionals, including chefs, pastry chefs, cocktail makers, oenologists and sommeliers, will participate in the event. Their presentations and reflections will be aimed at discovering the current state of avant-garde kitchens, following new trends and discussing the new processes of change in haute cuisine.